San Diego Garage Doors Repair Services

San Diego Garage Door is the company that is always ready to serve all your residential or commercial garage door needs from service and repair to new garage door openers. We pride ourselves on supplying great value and top quality service. Our customers trust is really important for us. That is why in every output of our company we make sure our great satisfaction to our customers in a very affordable price.

To avoid unnecessary risk you can always use the help of a professional. All of our garage door service technicians work for us and are trained to meet our very high quality of services that our company’s offered. Our goal is to provide professional quality service at a reasonable price in whole metro San Diego area.

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Your garage door is one of the largest working component in most homes and needs some TLC just like any working component in your home.  Some garage door problems can be fixed by the homeowner.  Many times the garage door chain or drive shaft just needs to be oiled.  We recommend spraying a good lubricant like Liquid Wrench as it is a Silicon based lubricator.  Also make sure your garage door sensors are properly aligned.  This can cause the garage door to not open or shut properly.  We have found on many of our service calls that the garage door is not closing or opening properly because of the sensor alignment or the remote has lost connection with the garage door opener it’s self.  You also want to make sure the track of the garage door is moving smoothly up and down as well and there is nothing that is in the path of the rollers.

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If there is any resistance to lifting, or your door does not roll on its tracks smoothly, it’s a good time to have San Diego Garage Door come by to inspect it. Experts recommend hiring a professional to repair your garage door, as its springs are under extreme pressure, and can cause serious injury if you don’t know what you’re doing. We can also install safety features, like a safety restraint cable, in case the extension springs weaken and break over time.

Whether you’re looking for repair or new garage door installation, you can rely to our many years of residential experience, to make the job a breeze. Our Garage Door Repair Company looks forward to assisting you with your garage door repair. That is why in every garage door repair you need in San Diego please be free to call us and our expert will on his way to end your dilemma.